Campus to Corporate

Campus to corporate training is a soft skills program that assists students in seamlessly transitioning into the workplace. Students will learn how to become more efficient by studying the fundamentals of corporate communication, time management, and the attitude shift necessary while transitioning from a college to a corporate setting in this workshop.

Course Overview

Fresh graduates benefit from our Campus to Corporate training program, which helps them build their confidence and provides them with training in areas such as goal planning, collaboration, and stress management. The Campus to Corporate training program offered by Momentum Training Solution was developed with the intention of providing recent college grads with the resources necessary to improve both their personal and professional performance. Because of this, the transition from college to corporate life will be easier, and as a consequence, career advancement and professional achievement will improve.

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What You Will learn

Freshmen’s confidence is boosted by our Campus to Corporate training program, which includes goal-setting, collaboration, and stress management training. The Campus to Corporate training program at Momentum Training Solution was intended to provide fresh graduates with tools for enhancing their personal and professional brilliance. This will aid with the transition from education to the workplace, resulting in increased career progress and professional achievement.

Course Outline

This course is designed To prepare students for the transition from campus to corporate jobs. To assist pupils in improving their communication skills (Spoken, Written, and Presentation Skills) To help people gain confidence, improve self-esteem, and alter their attitudes and behaviors for the better. To influence career-specific practical contributions while also communicating corporate aspirations. To help them write their resumes and prepare for interviews, as well as to understand corporate manners. Through comprehensive engagement and question-and-answer sessions, personal growth difficulties will be resolved.

6*3 Hours 

  • Weekdays Batch(online)
    • Evening 
  • Weekends Batch(offline)
    • Afternoon
  • Swot Analysis and Personal Assessment.
  • Self-leadership and Personal Excellence.
  • Analytical and Decision-Making Skill.
  • Team Work and Interpersonal Skill.
  • Communication Skill.
  • Job Application and Mock Interview.

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Student Feedback

Let’s hear from our students to understand our courses and their successful outcome better. We believe in you to become the next Advantedge-Solutions big dream achiever.

Kelvin Black Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I would recommend their professional courses without any doubt. My overall experience has been amazing. Very diverse community with beneficial resources.

Jack Brownn Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

This was my first time taking a course in this format and it far exceeded my expectations. The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand.

Zasha Swan Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Their Project Management Professional course has taught me a lot of techniques about how to transform businesses through technology and management. I highly recommend the course for others.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

AdvantEdge Solutions is a great career service offerings. Very specialized courses with a really good trainers and staffs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone goes through a transition at some point in their lives. From high school graduation through the beginning of a college degree or career training to independent life, there is a wide range of options available to students. As well as the final years of college/campus to the beginning of one’s job. The transition from college to the workforce requires a lot of planning and focus. The goal of the planning is to ensure that the person has the essential abilities to adapt to the business culture and climate.

Whether you want to learn online or offline, our resource person is always accessible to answer your questions.

Designed for students who just graduated, this course consists of six three-hour sessions spread out over a two-week period.

Your cv will be sent to a reputable company as a recommendation from us. Additionally, you’ll become a part of our AdvantEdge family and have access to our resources and assistance in the future.